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Abram Lake

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Walleye and Pike Fishing on Abram Lake

Northumbrian Resort

Get back to nature with us at Northumbrian Resort. Fly or drive in and enjoy the best fishing and hunting that northern Ontario has to offer. Choose your lake — Minnitaki, Carling, Arc or Taper — and fish for northern pike, smallmouth bass, walleye and more! Or, head into the beautiful boreal forest and enjoy acres of hunting. Bring your bow or rifle and explore the over 200 square kilometres for bears and moose. After a long day outdoors, turn in and rest in our fully equipped accommodations. With cabins of up to five bedrooms, you can bring your family or plan a large group outing.

Fishing Abram Lake in Ontario

Abram Lake, right near Sioux Lookout in Ontario, is this awesome spot for fishing that’s part of the bigger English River-Lac Seul water system. It’s pretty cool because it’s where the Marchington and English Rivers meet. The lake’s not too deep on average, around 40 feet or so, but it can plunge down to about 120 feet in some places. This makes it a pretty sweet home for a bunch of different fish.

You can find all sorts of fish in Abram Lake, like Walleye, Bass, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Muskie, and Perch. But let me tell you, it’s especially famous for its Northern Pike fishing. Anglers often reel in some pretty big ones here. The lake has a bunch of different spots that make it perfect for fishing – like currents, bays, points, islands, and some deep offshore structures.

If you’re planning to stay over, there’s no shortage of lodges around Abram Lake. You’re pretty much sorted with places to stay, and a lot of them will let you rent boats too. Some lodges even offer these cool fly-in outpost trips if you’re looking for a more out-there kind of fishing experience. Oh, and if you’re staying at lodges on nearby lakes like Minnitaki and Pelican, you can still easily get to fish in Abram Lake.

People who’ve visited Abram Lake can’t seem to get enough of it. They often talk about how beautiful the place is and how clean and comfy the cabins are. And the sunrises? Apparently, they’re out of this world, especially if you’re staying in one of the cabins by the lake. Plus, with a beach right there and some top-notch fishing just a boat ride away, it’s a great spot to chill and have fun. No wonder folks keep coming back year after year.