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Charlton Lake

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Walleye and Pike Fishing on Charlton Lake

Charlton Lake Camp The Charlton Lake Camp is a place on earth where you are able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the woods. Near this calm, beautiful lake, set on the backdrop of the La Cloche mountains, take some time off and feel the relaxing, soothing environment. And catch a ton of fish if so desired. Throw out the hook and capture some large bass. Hear the calming voices of nature. Taking some time off in this wonderful environment will do you lots of good. Go hiking, or swim a bit. Walk through these calm and quiet woods, and experience a feeling that only a select few people still experience in these civilized times, in this oasis of peace. As the day passes, retreat in one of our warm, cozy cottages, well-equipped and featuring one or more comfortable bedrooms, a place to rest and recharge for the next day of big game fishing. Charlton Lake Camp has everything you need for a successful fishing trip. We have our own small fleet of high quality, sturdy fishing ships that we can rent out. Further, we supply you with tackle and bait and everything else you might need in our Tradin’ Post. This great place on earth will surely remain in your memory forever.