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Red Lake

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Walleye and Pike Fishing on Red Lake

Bow Narrows Camp Fishing is what first attracts most of our guests. Red Lake is renowned for some of the best fishing North-western Ontario has to offer. The Lake is one of Nature’s wonders, consisting of deep cold-water bays connected by shallow narrows and fringed with shallow warm-water bays. Islands and an irregular shoreline plus a productive clay bottom provide ideal conditions for a variety of gamefish. Northern pike up to 30 pounds skulk in these waters, ready to slash in on nearly anything that moves. Walleyes grow to eye-popping sizes in Red Lake. Eight-and-nine pounders are not uncommon and we’ve caught walleyes up to 12 pounds. Red Lake is famous for its lunker lake trout. Nothing has the awesome pulling power of lake trout. We have caught trout up to 43 pounds but even a 10-pounder will tax your rod and reel, not to mention your arm.