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Rowdy Lake

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Walleye and Pike Fishing on Rowdy Lake

Rowdy Lake Camp – Take the fishing trip that most anglers can only dream of — just you, the water and the fish. Get the real deal when you fly in to Rowdy Lake Camp. The main lake is a 12 mile expanse, teeming with trophy walleye and pike, as well as trout and bass. With seven lakes close by, only a walk or short portage away, you can find a new challenge on the waters every day.

Or, pick your spot on the main lake and stake it out; with a maximum of ten guests at the lake at a time, you can have your spot and keep it. Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Northern Ontario and Woodland Caribou Park, including Sydney, Chaval and Outlet Falls and the Sturgeon River system.

Once you’ve caught your fill of fish for the day, come back to shore and enjoy a home cooked meal for dinner. We’ll take care of all your meals, including a shore lunch featuring fresh caught fish. Ready to wind down for the evening? Recharge from a long day on the water in our rustic, comfortable log cabins, which are all fully equipped and well-maintained. You’ll be able to relax, just like home.